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CASTF joined Europe Chinese association

CASTF joined Europe Chinese association and received congratulations from the president Shengzong Zhou on 25th, December, 2016. The election results of China Finnish association of Science and technology was full approved with 28 approved, 0 rejected.president Zhou congratulated the that Chinese Finnish association of science and technology became a new member and Junhua Xu became the new board member of Europe Chinese technology association. As for 31-12-2016, the association has received congratulations from Bing Xing, the general secretary of Europe Chinese association of technology and the final results via wechat and mail was ended with 45 Valid votes.

Sichuan Federation of Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs provides the ideas for the country's economic and social development encourage, based on the supporting and guiding the healthy development of overseas Chinese enterprises. Its strategic objective is to unify and mobilize the vast number of overseas Chinese businessmen to build a well-off society and the purpose of founding the federation is to strive for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Adhering to the 'unity and mutual assistance, exchanges and cooperation, contribute to the community', it will serve and unify the overseas Chinese and contribute to the Sichuan economic development. The Chairman of third session of Sichuan Communication Association of Overseas Chinese, the CASTF chairman, Junhua Xu is on behalf of the Association to send a congratulatory letter, hopes to strengthen the future contact with each other, to enhance mutual understanding and communication, to promote economic and technological cooperation and exchanges, contribute together to the economic development of Sichuan, and wish the success of the establishment of the meeting!