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CASTF scientists participated in opening ceremony of Techcode Finland

On Dec. 1st, 2016, CASTF chairman Xu Junhua, Professors Chen Yuwei, Tang Jing, and Zhang Hongbo participated in the opening ceremony of Techcode Finland. These three professors are the leading sciensists in the fields of AI, Medtech, and new materials. They shared experiences, research results and gave short summaries. Their aim is to deepen the relationship between China and Finland through the science and technology cooperation, and they wish Techcode and CASTF have a closer and rewarding cooperation.

Ms. Qian Jinqiu, the first secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Finland Science and Technology Group, gave a speech.

Three scientists gave the introduction and Q & A at the roundtable Forum.

Techcode was founded in 2014. It is an organization focusing on incubator operations management and dynamic growth of science and technology entrepreneurs. Its header quarter is located in the key area of Zhongguancun Beijing. Techcode integrates global innovation, basic research, applied research, incubation, and industrialization, and seeks for the new pattern of worldwide industrial value chain integration.

Techcode will create the global innovation network by building 15 incubators in Silicon Valley, Berlin, Seoul, Tel Aviv, Finland, and domestic cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Wuhan and so on. Techcode allocates the global resources, promotes the cooperation of the hot innovation in different places, establish a global O2O platform to provide service for innovation and entrepreneurs. It focuses on new economy, new industry, new technology, new industry format, intelligent hardware, biomedicine, O2O, Internet+, new energy, cloud computing, big data etc. Techcode meets the local industrialization requirements, and boosts the innovation industrialization in the new Chinese industrial towns.