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The 1st Forum on 'Resources used in sustainable ways' was successfully held by CASTF


Figure: 1st Forum on 'Resources used in sustainable ways' in 2015

July 4, 2015 (Helsinki Time), The 1st Forum with the topic 'Resources used in sustainable ways' was successfully held by Chinese Association of Science and Technology in Finland (CASTF) at the Design Factory of the Aalto University. This forum is also supported by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association of University of Helsinki and the Chinese Student Scholars Association of University of Alto University Business School. Eight experts and scholars were invited as keynote speakers, who were from University of Helsinki, the University of Alto, COSCO Finland Company, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Guangzhou Institute of Energy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningbo University, the office of Beijing Zhongguancun Administrative Committee in Finland, BYD Finland Company, and Zhejiang Rui Yang Technology Co., Ltd. in Europe.

The forum was attracted more than 40 scholars, student representatives and business people to join. The theme of this forum is to discuss the advanced science and technology related better using the resources in the sustainable way. The forum's eight lectures covered natural sciences and social sciences, such as the efficiently using of biomass, the intelligent recycling of community renewable energy, the recycling of daily necessities and safety testing, and the philosophical thinking of the efficient using resources. The forum also invited a number of entrepreneurs to give lectures. The participants gave feedback that the forum was well organized, they learned what they want and had efficient communication with the speakers.

Mr. Xu, the CASTF chairman, firstly gave a briefly introduction on the forum’s theme and the resumes of the keynote speakers. Then Mr. Xu introduced the basic situation of the Association: The Chinese association of Science and Technology in Finland was established in early 2014. It is a non-profit professional organization with independent legal personality. At present the association has nearly 70 members, most members engaged in professional coverage of the chemical engineering industry, clean technology, electronic information, ship machinery, energy materials, architectural design, life sciences and many other fields. The Chinese Association for Science and Technology in Finland aims to promote exchanges and cooperation in the fields of science and technology, education, and trade between China and Finland.

The manager of China Ocean Shipping Group Finland, CASTF honorary chairman, Mr. Chen Feng held the opening speech for the China-Finland science and technology forum. The jocularity opening brought a relaxing atmosphere. First of all, Mr. Chen Feng introduced China Ocean Shipping group, and he highly spoke of the Finnish innovation achievements, including the luxury shipping industry, ice-breaking ship research and development, mobile base station infrastructure, glass-sealing techniques and so forth. As he mentioned, he was amazed by the facts that Finland, a country with only 546 million population, could generate such innovation power with top level all over the world. Ultimately, Mr. Chen also elaborated the significance of holding such China-Finland science and technology forum, and its impacts on both countries.

Professor Liu Ronghou, the Biomass energy research center administration officer of Shanghai Jiaotong University, gave the first speech among the professors and scholars. Mr. Liu presented the one of the most popular research topics – 'the efficiency of biomass energy usage' and along with the topic of 'research and development of biomass energy transfer techniques', he discussed the detailed techniques, and latest research results.

The manager of BYD China, Finland office Mr. Zhang Ruibin, on behalf of industry representative, gave the speech of '3 industry circle of BYD – the leading company of new energy'. Through his confident speech, the audience had the chance to get familiar with the new era of Chinese companies, industries and new force. In details, Mr. Zhang introduced the BYD’s concept of new energy usage, and the cooperation with Finnish companies. His speech provided another way of thinking of new energy.

On following, Mr. Gan Ning gave a speech of 'The recycling technique and solutions for quality&safety inspection of dairy products'. Mr. Gan Ning is the administration offcier of chemical department, Ningbo University and the senior advisor of CASTF. 'disovering new energy is the demand of sustainable resource recycle, we need to optimize the energy consumption solution, meanwhile, we need to control the pollution emission,' said Mr. Gan. In the forum, Mr. Gan also presented different technique solutions to test the pollutions, and had interactions with the audience. For example, he taught how to exam the illegal recycled cooking oil and milk tea ingredients analysis. The live interactions made the forum more vivid.

Mr. Zhu Zi Qi, Director of Zhongguancun Science Park Finland liaison office, gave a speech for the topic 'Introduction to the Methods How to Introduce Returned Students from Overseas to Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park'. With his rich work and life experience, Mr. Zhu Zi Qi built bridges between study and entrepreneurship, research and industry for all participants. During the speech, he especially mentioned problems when implement Finnish Hi-Tech achievements to fulfilled Chinese industrial demand. It led out all scholars in depth think about how to smooth implement Finnish technology to Chinese industry, as well as legal issues, technical bottlenecks for the implementation, especially must be solved problems in transfer technology between countries. Finally, He also expected Chinese students in Finland to study hard, because the construction of China needs more talents.

Mr. Yang Wen Shen, Associate researcher in Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou Institute of Energy, gave the speech for the topic 'The High Value for Utilize the Biomass Residue from Rice Husk Ash'. The speech detailed introduced research results in the field of technology by their team. He made bold ideas and completed solutions for recycle agricultural waste intensively, energy-effectively and low-carbon cost. The Participants were impressed by Mr. Yang Wen Shen and his team’s excellent research results and perfect solutions. It also caught some of the venture capital companies’ attention.

Doctor Wang Hai Chao from University of Alto gave the speech for the topic 'The Usage of Intelligent Hybrid Renewable Energy in Communities'. It attracted a number of scholars and their interactions from related areas. His ideas in promote technology by scientific research and upgrade technology to improve the people’s life standard was perfectly meet the theme of the forum.

Doctor Gao Yuan from University of Helsinki gave the speech for the topic 'Philosophy Think of the Effective Usage of Resources - Science from Philosophy and Theological Vision'. The opening remarks “Does Science Kill God?” quickly caught everyone’s attention. He expounded the relationship between faith and science by means of citation, and combined with his own thinking and experience to bring the vast number of scientific research workers into the thinking mode.

Doctor Bao Sen, Investment Manager in Finland of Rui Yang Lian Chuang as the last speech guest detail introduced growth experiences for Rui yang Lian Chuang, in the same time introduced “Rui Yang High-End Talent Program” which provide communicate platform for all candidates to apply.

Finally, Professor Liu Rong Hou, Director of Biomass Energy Engineering Research Centre in Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Agriculture and Biology, who visited the University of Alto, made a concluding remark for this forum.

First of all, he highly praised all speakers' excellent work and the active support of the participants. He also praised Chinese embassy in Finland various Chinese enterprises and Chinese scholars in Finland gave the great help on the forum organization. At last, on behalf of the participants, he would thank high level of the forum organize work. Professor Liu expected the Finnish Chinese Association for Science and Technology to organized more effective and efficiency forums as same as this time to conductive the exchange of science and technology.

In the end, "The Sustainable and Efficiently Use of Resources - the First Finnish Chinese Science and Technology Forum" a successful concluded.

The original intention of establishing CASTF is to build the communication platform between the representatives of the Finnish business community and the representative of the Finnish academia. With the new round of China's domestic industry upgrading, Chinese enterprises pay more attention to the Nordic countries, especially Finnish high-tech achievements and have stronger desires to seek the cooperation. CASTF will follow the trend of the times, play an important role as a bridge and link of Sino-Finnish science and technology cooperation and exchange. It will promote the convergence of Sino-Finnish industry, academia, science and technology, promote the information exchanges of Sino-Finnish Industry-Academia-Research, help Chinese enterprises to use more high-tech achievements from Finland and help to find more technology application markets for Finnish R&D companies.

The event was supported by the Chinese Embassy in Finland, Chinese enterprises in Finland, Chinese Associations in Finland and the Finnish university researchers and students.

Author: Longgong Xia, Yulong Boo
Edit: Ning Gan, Rui Gao
Audit: Feng Chen, Junhua Xu
Photo: Xinhua News Agency in Finland,
Jizhi Li CASTF, Wenzhong Zhang CASTF